Give back to HGSE and support the next generation of passionate educators and innovative leaders.

Master's Programs


In the Arts in Education (AIE) Program you will explore the many roles the arts play in educational settings — in and out of schools and for learners of all ages. The flexibility of AIE offers you the ability to design an individualized course of study based on your interests and needs. You will develop analytic skills and reflective practices, forge powerful creative partnerships, and explore the relationship of the arts to other sectors in education. 

You will join a diverse cohort of visual artists, museum educators, nonprofit arts advocates, teachers, and writers who believe that the arts not only have intrinsic value, but also multiple and diverse roles in education and society. 

Senior Lecturer Steve Seidel, faculty director

This one-year, full-time program is ideal for self-directed learners who want to leverage the remarkable breadth of HGSE course offerings to become effective advocates for arts-based education initiatives, both in and out of schools. You can learn more about the opportunities here from the wide variety of graduates who are featured in a video produced by AIE graduate Samara Rosenbaum, Ed.M.’17, for our program’s 20th anniversary celebration in 2017.

The strengths of AIE include:

  • Internships and Fieldwork – There are many progressive arts in education organizations and advocacy groups in the Cambridge and Boston area. For-credit internships through the Field Experience Program are one cornerstone of the AIE experience, offering hands-on opportunities to work with local artists and youth in school and afterschool settings. 
  • Cohort and Community – You will form strong bonds with the other members of your cohort through a yearlong seminar required of and limited to AIE students. Outside of class, students share their artistic work during AIE Cabaret nights, concerts, film screenings, and campus art gallery expositions. Students have found it energizing and inspiring to be surrounded by so many creative artists and educators working together to make an impact in the lives of others. 


AIE is one of the most flexible and self-directed graduate programs at HGSE. Apart from the one required seminar, you are given significant freedom to design your own unique academic pathway based on previous work experience, creative interests, and professional goals. This interdisciplinary approach prepares you to be an "education entrepreneur," making new connections between the arts and education at the classroom, school, and community levels. 


AIE program director Steve Seidel teaches the core course, S300: The Arts in Education, in the fall semester with the help of three teaching fellows — often themselves graduates of the AIE Program. You will complete eight courses (32 credits) in total.

View Electives



HGSE consists of a faculty of the whole and students can work with and take courses with faculty throughout HGSE and Harvard. The faculty that AIE students most often work with include:


Joseph Blatt大同源伟和商贸有限公司


Karen Brennan南宁春旺同机械有限公司


Aaliyah El-Amin潮州和润利贸易有限公司

maya确认你已年满 地址

Catherine Elgin吴忠盈百皇贸易有限公司


Howard Gardner安阳干瑞同商贸有限公司


Houman Harouni仙桃泰聚富商贸有限公司


James P. Honan十堰伟皇裕科技有限公司


Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot个旧旺隆如服务有限公司


Karen L. Mapp白山晶全百设备有限公司


Shari Tishman漳州欣庆华商贸有限公司


View Faculty Directory大理干鼎利科技有限公司


An internship with an arts-related organization through the Field Experience Program can also count toward your requirement of three arts-related courses. Examples of internship sites include:


There are so many ways to customize an AIE education that no two transcripts are alike. To better understand what an individualized AIE program looks like — courses, internships, and extracurricular activities — read through some of our student pathways from recent years:


Many AIE students are trained and working artists in a variety of disciplines. Some are experienced educators who want to incorporate the arts more effectively into their students' learning experiences. Others come with specific academic or professional interests in arts integration, museum education, curriculum development, arts policy research, after-school arts programming, or the use of the arts with incarcerated populations, Alzheimer's patients, and parties engaged in conflict resolution. AIE alumni are making an impact as leaders, educators, and social entrepreneurs in communities across the U.S. and the world. Learn more about AIE alumni and students: Career Trajectories and Publications. You can watch the video produced by AIE graduate Samara Rosenbaum, Ed.M.'17, made to commemorate the AIE program's 20th anniversary celebration.




Following a career change, master's student Taylour Matz finds inspiration in the creative process as she works to bring a new education program to life.




The Intellectual Contribution Award recipient for Arts in Education reflects on her time at HGSE and looks toward the future.


More information about our admissions application requirements and instructions, tuition and financial aid, and answers to frequently asked questions is available on our website. If you have additional admissions-related questions, please contact Paola Munoz or call 617.495.3414.


Receive tailored admissions information about upcoming programs, events, and opportunities to connect with us.


If you have remaining program-specific questions, please contact Scott Ruescher, AIE program administrator.


View the Arts in Education recorded virtual information session to learn more about the program from faculty, students, and staff.

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